What should I do?

Saurabh singh
1 min readFeb 9, 2022
Photo by Roberto Shumski from Pexels

Shall I talk or shall I stay quiet, What’s in it for me and what if I am wrong and my conscious is right.

What if it turns out badly. I stole myself from a person who once had me. So ridiculous I may sound but I am also proud that once she had me.

Talk about the past is all I do and manage to ruin my present too! Am I the one wrong here or should I justify myself and should I lie to the true.


Care enough to tell because I am failing each day as it passes, restored every memory of you to playback from those cassettes, or to God; just cast a spell and remove the pain of not just me but all these masses.

I choose to be alone for now because I dont understand anything, I will go Climb a mountain not so steep, Or I will just satisfy this confusion with a very profound sleep.