Saurabh singh
3 min readJan 9, 2022

Failure is not opposite of success, its a part of it.

Humans are not perfect and not every plan made by any human works the way they wish, which eventually leads to a failure.

Whenever failure strikes it affects not just mentally but also physically. I have talked to a lot of people about their feelings of going through the tough phase. some people take 1 week to calm themselves, some take months. Eventually, you’ll have to move on from it. ‘Time waits for none’ ‘Things won’t stop from happening just because I am in a bad mood’.

To the people of age between 18–28 few things which leads to failure are 1) Rejection 2) academic/job failure 3)coping quality of an individual 4)discrepancies between aspiration and reality 5) Family wishes and issues. People are being a victim of the above. Anxiety, stress, dishearten, disappointment were the feelings which were visible through their actions, words.

India’s adjusted annual suicide rate is 10.5 per 100,000, while the suicide rate for the world as a whole is 11.6 per 100,000. They keep on increasing, because of increase in mental dispute, people are not able to battle their own thoughts. And failing a process which was so much needed in ones life is a strain in an era of covid. According to the Strain theory:

Strain is not simply a stress. A strain is a consequence of two conflicting stresses that are working the same time on an individual and can lead to frustration, which may not be the result of a simple and mono-directional stress. Which simply means too much thought process, which leads to frustration, which increases overthinking ability and ultimately it provokes depression. People tend to stop eating, get angry on themselves, stop socializing, try putting their anger over wrong things which then not just affect them mentally but physically too. To cope with the failure of our respective life, many of us start doing drugs. Men tend to fall in this category more than women, as it has always been a mindset that men are the breadwinners, they have a lot of responsibility, hopes of their family, and in general, everyone is already bound by so many pressures that at one point one would want to give up when they would not achieve the thing they wished.

It needs to stop. Like every elder has told us “ whenever a door has been closed another opens”. It is not the end of the life. There are 3 phases you go through. 1) Realization 2) Recovery 3)Moving on. See, it is life, there are ups and downs, this is a cycle which keeps repeating in a rhythm, which means if a downfall comes, surely a good time would come otherwise the rhythm will break. And a rhythm never breaks till the song is over.

Change is the law of the universe. You can be a millionaire, or a pauper in an instant.” — Bhagwat Gita

Each and everyone of us is strong, we just need to realize that. Some take over the remorse alone, some take help from their friends, because sometimes when you fail your family you need your second family, some cope up with the help of their family. But not everyone has someone to talk to and not everyone is open to talk about their out loud. But keeping your mind stuck over something which is already done will not bring it back. Write the learning you have from the failures you faced. It affects you both mentally and physically, but trust me the day you will notice the fact that you made it and never stopped through the journey you’ll be proud of yourself.

Whatever happened, happened for good. Whatever is happening is happening for good. whatever will happen will happen for good” — Bhagwat Gita(lord Krishna)