Days not just for a moment

Saurabh singh
1 min readAug 21, 2022

When you expierence a happy moment , its just said to be a moment and I have encountered very few people saying I am happy for days.

The trees grow old and still stand strong ,
The ocean flows with the same intensity irrespective the pollution.
But for a human, he expects hapiness to stay for long,
you fear from being happy as regret is on its way for execution.

The fear is so real, that people who want to cry hold back their tears,
force their emotions and accept it to cheer themselves,
the more you understand things the more it bothers, shall it be just a overthinking but the glimpse of it being in reality is surreal.

The supreme created happiness and sorrow both for a man for balance,
Have they only provided the share , then a man would be aware
and accept it easily rather just stand and stare in the mirror saying,
“why again”.

Be it rough times or be it smooth, one chooses alteration one choses to stay crude, the moment your head thinks things look good , the fear strikes back.

May people get it easy, as the moments won’t trun to days, but the moments can be relived in memories.